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Exponentially Empowered Entrepreneurs:

those crazy, creative, resourceful, smart, hardworking and disruptive few that dare to dream big and build the companies that serve as vehicles for those dreams

We’ve been there.

We spent our lives building companies.

Now it is time to empower those who are just like us.

We do that with a combination of capital, limitless support, and a unique collective of global LPs who are highly successful fellow entrepreneurs.

We channel all those resources to help founders realize their visions at an increased pace + increased success rate.


The Exponential Stack

We focus on sectors and themes where we possess distinct domain expertise and leverage that as our means to help entrepreneurs

The Exponential Stack


The Exponential Effect

We’ve spent decades investing and working with teams across all lifecycle stages, from the very earliest conceptualization to post-IPO multi-billion-dollar enterprise. We find every stage fascinating, but our hearts are in the early stage, that vital juncture where the companies are still forming their core. And with the right entrepreneurial teams, we’ve proved the efficacy of partnership, a tightly coupled company creation process which creates enduring value.

Exponential Effect

Our Portfolio Companies

Exponential Portfolio

The Team

General Partners

Ed Pope

Ed Pope

Ed has been asking “Why Not?” his entire life. This mindset has led him into some amazing pursuits, including being a professional athlete in middle age, a thought leader, a scholar, scientist, and a very successful, life-long entrepreneur who has started, and grown to market dominance, several businesses in a variety of sectors.

He’s our artist, forever painting life and business on a blank canvas. Highly creative, he has envisioned, and brought to market, new products and services that have grown at exponential scale. After several meaningful exits, he took a 6 year hiatus from business to totally focus on pushing his personal limits and in several cases, reinvented the “known possible” for humans.

He emerged from that 6 year hiatus to Co-Found Exponential Partners with Josh and Pat in 2014. Ed is making Exponential Partners the Grand Opus of his 35+ year career, and is passionate to make Exponential Partners a new way of venture investing that puts the investors and entrepreneurs first, while delivering insane returns.

In his spare time, Ed is a professional Mountain Bike racer (for the US team), a competitive boxer and a dancer (Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop), kite surfs, is a meditator and a voracious reader. He has degrees from The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business and also Harvard Business School. He lives with his family, and dog Kota, in Southern California.

Pat Wilkison

Pat Wilkison

Pat loves deep tech and multi-billion dollar markets.  He kinda looks like Clark Kent, but to us (and many others) he is simply “Super Man”.

He started his career in the military as a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot after graduating from West Point Military Academy. While at West Point, Pat played Football and Volleyball – in his “spare time”. We think he has a machine to create time and energy, and we want one too.

Since leaving the military, he has led the creation of several multi-billion dollar companies, or divisions of Fortune 100 companies. Pat is viewed as a renowned expert in hyper scale data storage and compute architecture. He was in the trenches helping create data storage and compute infrastructure for Google, Facebook, Amazon and many others. Prior to joining Josh and Ed in the formation of Exponential, he was the “growth guy” for Western Digital running multi-billion P&Ls.  Like Josh and Ed, Pat is deeply passionate about making Exponential a major contributor to the future of the venture investing industry, while delivering amazing, outsized, returns.

In addition to a degree in engineering from West Point, he was a Provident Scholar at the University of Southern California (USC) while completing his MBA, he was portfolio manager for the Provident Growth Fund running investments in the Technology Sector.  He is one with water, surfing Coastal California and skiing the Southern Sierras with his large family.

Chief Medical Officer

Daniel is just an amazing guy, there really is no debate on that. He’s a Harvard and Stanford trained medical doctor, global thought leader on the intersection of medicine/health and technology, he holds several patents and was an Astronaut candidate.

Daniel is in huge demand as a speaker at major global events around the world. His TED talks are extremely popular. Daniel is also the Founder and Chair of the highly esteemed Exponential Medicine taking place annually in San Diego, CA. Exponential Medicine is the industry’s gathering place for leading innovators in health and medicine where a number of companies are spawned annually. HE has a degree in Bio Chemistry from Brown University and an M.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine, and completed his residency at Harvard University School of Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He lives with his family in the Silicon Valley area and has more gadgets and robots around his house than anyone we’ve ever seen.