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Through decades of working with a variety of teams across varied realms, we have empirically determined that the highest performing teams, the true break-out performers, all had very specialized cultural traits, rooted in being mission-driven and having superior team cohesion.  We believe every early-stage company is a Special Opportunity on a Special Mission.  We call our investment fund the Special Ops Fund, in acknowledgment of the way elite special operations teams consistently outperform based on that precious and unique team construct.

Lifecycle - When We Invest

The Exponential Effect

We’ve spent decades investing and working with teams across all lifecycles. While we find every phase fascinating, we invest in the early stages, Phases II, III, and IV, where the companies are still forming their core.

When we invest in companies, we invest both capital and muscle. This combination of capital, expertise, and access to a deep network of experts is what creates The Exponential Effect.

Exponential Stack
Our Investment Focus

The Exponential Stack

We focus on sectors and themes where we possess distinct domain expertise and leverage that as our means to help entrepreneurs.

With our Special Ops Fund, those focus sectors are compute infrastructure and mobility.

Exponential Stack

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Big Seed I (2015), Big Seed II (2017)


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Big Seed (2017), SeriesA (2018)


SeriesA (2017)


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Big Seed (2016), SeriesA (2017)

The Team

Ed Pope

Ed Pope

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Ed has been asking “Why Not?” his entire life. This mindset has led him into some amazing pursuits, including being a professional athlete in middle age, a thought leader, a scholar, scientist, and a very successful, life-long entrepreneur who has started and grown to market dominance, several businesses in a variety of sectors.

He’s our artist, forever painting life and business on a blank canvas. Highly creative, he has envisioned, and brought to market, new products and services that have grown at exponential scale. After several meaningful exits, he took a 6-year hiatus from business to contribute to Foreign Affairs and was Director of highly prestigious think tank RAND Corporation’s Middle East Policy Division as well as Director of the Pacific Council on International Policy. In those roles, Ed worked directly with 2 former Secretaries of State in the Middle East and spent significant time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and throughout the Middle East region.

After 7 years of focusing on the Middle East Affairs and war strategy advisory work, He emerged from that 6-year hiatus to Co-Found Exponential Partners with Pat in 20154. Ed is intent on making Exponential the Grand Opus of his 35+ year career, and as always is “all in” on this mission.

In his spare time, Ed focuses on developing his physical body and has recently been  an elite ultra-distance Mountain Bike racer (for the US), a competitive boxer and a dancer (Jazz, Modern Dance, and Hip Hop), kite surfers, and he is a devoted multi-decade meditator and a collaborator in Mind Science advancement with leading scientists and top medical professionals. He has graduate degrees from The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business,  Harvard Business School and has done work at MIT in Artificial Intelligence. He lives with his wife, 2 teenage daughters, and 2 dogs in Southern California.

Pat Wilkison

Pat Wilkison

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Pat loves deep tech and multi-billion dollar markets. He kinda looks like Clark Kent, but our portfolio companies refer to him as “Pathfinder” and “Force Multiplier” because of his intuitive sense for new high growth markets, new products, product/market fit, pragmatic deployment of new technologies and bespoke methods for building exponential growth and the resultant enormous shareholder value while developing and enabling the “best of the best” teams.

He discovered his love for machines when he had his first helicopter ride as a Cadet at West Point. He started his career in the military as a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot leading elite military organizations of various sizes. During his military leadership career Pat also focused on the intelligence gathering processes, immersing himself in secure networks and cybersecurity. 

Since leaving the military, he has led the creation of several multi-billion dollar companies, or divisions of Fortune 100 companies. Pat is viewed as a globally renowned expert in hyper-scale data storage and compute architecture. He was in the trenches helping create data storage and compute infrastructure for Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many others. Prior to founding Exponential in 2015, he was the “growth guy” for Western Digital starting, scaling and running multi-billion dollar P&Ls. Pat is deeply passionate about making Exponential Partners an ultra high performer in the venture investing world delivering amazing, outsized returns.

 In addition to a degree in engineering from West Point, he was a Provident Scholar at the Center for Investment Studies at the University of Southern California (USC) while completing his MBA, where he studied under the iconic investor and professor Dr. Guil Babcock. Pat was a portfolio manager for the Provident Growth Fund running investments in the Technology Sector.  

He is one with water surfing Coastal California at daybreak, and if not in the ocean, skiing the Southern Sierras with his wife and 4 kiddos.

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